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Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai tree can be created nearly from any plant. Most commonly species used to create bonsai are these ones which have relatively small leaves,  clear one or several trunks  and flexible shoots that are easy to form.
Bonsai plants can be bought on eBay,  in garden center or in online store.
We buy an unformed plant in  shop or dig some cuttings from our garden and we can start creating "bonsai step by step".  It takes at least a few years.  We will have to wait slightly 2-3 seasons for  first effects.
I can recommend to buy small plant "in the shape of a small tree" with a height of 20-40 cm, which have thick trunk at the bottom and tapering to the apex, with evenly arranged lateral shoots.

It is best to choose species of unusual shape - such as fantastically bent trunk or irregular or curved crown shape.
Popular garden plants suitable for bonsai are:
- Trees: maple (mainly palm maple), oak, beech, spruce, birch, hawthorn, ginkgo, larch, pine, juniper, cypress, plum, cherry, elm;
- Bushes: hedgehog, sycamore tree, oar, cedar, quince, rhododendron, azalea;
- Domestic pot plants: Ficus Benjamin, myrtle, thickwood, olive, citrus, camellia, hibiscus, garnet, sageretia, fuchsia, gardenia, adenium, shiver and much, much more.


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