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Bacopa monnieri

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Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri  is a quite widely used aquarium plant. It is known by common names as  Brahmi,  Water Hyssop. It expands hugely in exotic places of the world in which it can be noticed growing along the banks of lakes, rivers, and pools.  If it arises over the surface of the water, it blossoms. Its flowers tend to be tiny, in most cases white but occasionally soft blue.

Bacopa monnieri: We tend to plant it in aquarium in groupings of a number of stems. So planted Bacopa appears to be much better than planted separately. Gentle green leaves on thinner stems look certainly delightfully . It is a species for practically most varieties of growing layout.  It is grown both equally by newbies  and specialized aquarists.

Bacopa monnieri is just not extremely requirable plant. It gets bigger far more intensively while  CO 2 is provided and good light. It is not essential but Bacopa is a lot larger and healthy in this kind of conditions.  Water temperature and hardness as well as pH do not matter |in particular.

Bacopa monnieri is often applied as a background or middle ground plant. It can be grown of several stems in groups. It  can be  trimmed  in order to create thick and dense bush.. Its gentle green leaves show very very well on a background of brown or dark green plants (e.g.Myriophyllum sp.) or red ones(Alternanthera sp.).


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