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Lilaeopsis species part 2

Lilaeopsis species part 2

Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae, syn. brasiliensis – Micro sword – part two


We multiply Micro Sword  by dividing clumps. It is the most effective method of reproduction at home. It  allows you quickly receive the appropriate amount of plants that can fill the tank. On a large scale Lilaeopsis is reproduced in vitro. This is a special method of reproduction, when in a short time we can get a large number of little plants.

We buy mostly loose Micro Sword. Sometimes it is planted in bunches  in mineral wool or in pots with mineral wool. Before planting Lilaeopsis  novae - zelandiae into the aquarium we should  first wash it with cold water. We remove all residues of mineral wool.

After this initial preparation we can cut  plants into pieces.

Stems can be planted separately or in bundles of a few pieces at some intervals. We place plants in the slots that were previously done with a finger or some stick. So that the roots are in the soil.

It’s a bit laborious job but ensures rapid concentration of tank area designated for that aquarium plant. If you do not take care about form of carpet you can plant the whole clump of plants in the desired location, without any cuts. Soon the plant will disperse to the sides creating green carpet in a larger space. During the growth of plants they can not be cut alike other carpet plants. Only what we can do it is limit growth of plants by removing excess plants.


Micro Sword also blooms. Plant bloom when grow on paludararium. Under the water, do not bloom. Inflorescence of Lilaeopsis Novae - Zelandiae is modest and very small.

But flowering of Lilaeopsis has any practical advantage. It does not collect the seeds to be spread. Plants are multiply only vegetatively or in vitro.


As previously discussed, plants are propagated from clumps. They spread over the surface of the ground.  In time, as the plant begins to surpass the tank we overdo clump and plant in another space and create a new carpet.

Commercial material

The basic material is professionally grown in potted plants in mineral wool.

In such a convenient substratum plants produce a strong root system. Suitable conditions for breeding allow the hobbyist or wholesaler receive plant dense and strong. Further growing these plants does not cause any problems

Plants in pots do not have a damaged root system and continue to further growth in the new aquarium.


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