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Aquarium Plants of short and long daylight

Aquarium Plants of short and long daylight

We often like traditional aquariums because we just want to enjoy nicely decorated tank. It does not matter if the plants we have are long or short daylight. Our aquarium is usually illuminated for 12 hours a day and therefore the night lasts also twelve hours. Light conditions are similar to the tropics. Plants growing in the tropics are mostly short daylight plants. In addition, we multiply our aquarium plants rather occasionally and the length of the light is intended only for optimal growth of plants.

In moderate climates, in  summer when vegetation occurs, the night is short and the day is long. In temperate climates there are plants of the long daylight.  Long daylight plants bloom when the day is long. Long day (short night) is the time when the plant of long daylight blooms.

The process of plant’s growth can be perfectly controlled to achieve what we want. We can cause the plants to bloom and produce seeds or tubers and rhizomes. To do this we need to know if our plants are short or long daylight’. Then we can set lighting conditions so that  plants give us what we want to.

For example, the Lizard ‘s Tail (Saururus cernuus) blooms when the day is long and the rhizomes are produced when the day is short. Lizard is a typical plant of a long daylight. We can use this advantage multiplying it vegetatively through fragmentation of shoots during Summer.  At this time, Lizard’s Tail grows intensely.


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