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Eleocharis acicularis Dwarf hairgrass Carpet Aquarium Plant

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Eleocharis acicularis Dwarf hairgrass Carpet Aquarium Plant

Eleocharis acicularis is also known as Dwarf Hairgrass or Needle Spikerush.

Eleocharis acicularis is a carpet {foreground} aquarium plant with long grass-like stems. It grows up to 12-15cm. Dwarf Hairgrass forms compact clumps  that raise from a creeping rhizomes.

Eleocharis grows rather fast  creating dense carpet in the aquarium..

Eleocharis acicularis is a great plant for beginners and experienced aquarists as well. Usually, Eleocharis accicularis is placed as carpet or midlleground plant.

If you want to have green grass-like lawn, you have to trim Spikerush regularly.

Eleocharis acicularis needs  acidic to lightly alkaline water: pH 6.0 - 7.2 and moderate to high levels of light.

Because is grass-like plant, it looks beautifully if placed among other carpet plants like Glossostigma Elatinoides, Micranthemum Monte Carlo and light green Lilaeopsis.


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