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Anyone who starts their adventure with an aquarium should start with the cultivation of easy growing  typical water plants. Please do not start with plants that require special conditions, such as soft water, adequate water hardness, or professional fertilization. Therefore, let's not start with the cultivation of such plants as Cabomba piauhyensis or Barclaya longifolia. We can also be disappointed when we  choose plants that do not grow under water permanently. I cannot recommend such plants as Aglaonema or Chlorophytum bichetii. These plants never grow under water. In sum the best plants for our first aquarium are: Gymnocoronis,  Limnophila sessiliflora, Lysimachia...

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You purchased aquarium plants and what next? Shipping plants to clients is simple. Aquarium plants are sent in plastic bags of appriopriate size. This prevents them from drying out. Live Aquarium Plants are sold in pots, clumps or in loose form. All of them are from our own cultivation. It is essential because plants are healthy and strong, enable to survive shipping.  Only fresh and solid plants are adequate to create and ensure the harmonious functioning of our small underwater world.  Live Aquarium Plants are the part of ecosystem we arrange in our aquarium. They are one of the essential...

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Saururus cernuus is also known as Lizard’s Tail or Water Dragon. Saururus cernuus creates a well-developed root system and a long, round, straight standing, zigzag stem. It can reach a height of up to 1 m. The leaves are petiolated, heart-shaped, green and slightly wavy at the edges. If planted in the soil, it has a bottlebrush spike of white flowers in July and August. Lizard’s Tail grows well in mud in paludarium at moderate light, high humidity and a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C. The best substrate is the mix of  sand, clay and peat. Saururus cernuus can be...

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