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Vegetative propagation of aquarium plants

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Vegetative propagation of aquarium plants

A few of aquarium plants will reproduce on their own without any interference while others need our assistance.

Vegetative propagation of aquarium plants is the simplest way of multiplication. Vegetative reproduction is a form of asexual propagation. It involves dividing plants into fragments from which new plants are created. This new baby plant has all the characteristics of the parent plant. Most aquarium plants online are propagated vegetatively.

Reproduction can be accomplish using: runners, offsets, bulbs, rhizomes and shoots. We can also divide plants into small fragments from which we get adult plants through planting.

Vegetative reproduction of aquarium plants is often used because it guarantees the obtaining of identically genetic plants such as the parent plant.

Vegetative multiplication unlike generative propagation (seed propagation) takes more time. It is because we have to prepare and divide plants first of all. But this method is much more effective. Aquarium plants created from seeds often do not retain the characteristics of the parent plant and do not look so strong and healthy. Besides cutting plants and replanting stimulates their growth.


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