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Carpet Aquarium Plants - 100 stems

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 You get 8 clumps ( 100 stems) of the following  carpet aquarium plants :
 1. Eleocharis parvula - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight -3 cm
 2. Glossostigma elatinoides - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight 3-5 cm
 3. Lilaeopsis novae - zelandiae - 12 stems ( one clump } hight 3-5 cm
 4. Hydrocotyle Japan - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight 3-5 cm
 5. Micranthemum micranthemoides - 12 stems ( one clump ) high 3-5 cm
 6. Isoetes sp. - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight  3-5 cm
 7. Eleocharis acicularis - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight 3-5 cm
 8. Crassula helmsii. - 12 stems ( one clump ) hight 3-5 cm


Eleocharis parvula -  Dwarf Hairgrass

This is one of the most resilient and easy to keep carpet plants you can find. I had it in a tank that was left totally neglected for several months, with no water changes, fertilization or CO2. Obviously in these conditions it doesn't spread or form carpets, but on the day I finally decided to give the tank some maintenance, under the thick layer of cianobacteria I found this heroic little plant surviving who knows how, and as soon as the setup was in order it began to happily spread again. Under optimal conditions it forms a beautiful carpet, dense and 'hairy', thus the common name Hairgrass. Maintenance of this carpet is quite easy since, with a natural size of only about 5 cm and good rooting in the substrate, it doesn't require regular pruning or reattaching as some other carpets, only that you keep an eye on where it's spreading to since it will easily enter even the most shaded regions of the tank. When I bought this plant (Enrico's carpet above was born out of my own shootings which I sent to friends) it was labelled as E. minima, but after some research I concluded that it should be E. parvula.