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Blossoming beautifully Pond Plants Pack 15 rhizomes

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Available since April to July.

Here you can buy a nice following flowering plants (rhizomes and stems ) to the pond
Carex pseudocyperus ( cyperus-like sedge )- 3 rhizomes
Caltha palustris ( yellow marsh marigold )- 3 rhizomes
Lythrum salicaria ( purple loosestrife ) - 3 rhizomes
Butomus umbellatus ( flowering rush )- 3 rhizomes
Comarum palustre ( purple marshlocks ) - 3 stems
TOTAL 15 beautifully bloosoming plants ( rhizomes and stems )

Each rhizome will be sent with a card showing on which is the name of the plant.You will know what you plant.
All the plants begin to grow immediately after planting in the pond. They are winter hardy plants. They do not require any protection for the winter.

Cyperus-like sedge ( Carex pseudocyperus ) - It is planted at the edge of the pond to
 a depth of 30 cm. Carex has yellow leaves which is very rare. Its flowers and fruits are very nice. Inflorescence of this plant are visible in the pictures. This plant grows in a compact form as a large clump . It is winter hardy plant.

Yellow marsh marigold ( Caltha palustris ) - one of the most beautiful plants
 to ponds. It blooms early summer. As can be seen on photos it blooms very abundantly. The whole plant is covered by plenty of yellow and big enough flowers. In the autumn it can flourish again. It is planted shallowly to a depth
 of 10 cm.

Purple loosestrife ( Lythrum salicaria ) - just look at the pictures to see how this plant blooms wonderfully. Its flowers are very numerous. In addition, it flourishes for a very long time. Almost all summer It likes shallow water. I planted attheat a depth of 30cm.

Flowering rush ( Butomus umbellatus ) - This plant is very nice and blooming for a long
 time. Its flowers grow on long stalks. They are in pink.Plant has light green stiff leaves. Grows in one place forming a dense clump. It can be planted shallowly and on deeper water.

Purple marshlocks ( Comarum palustre ) - This plant is best planted in shallow water at the edge of the pond. Its shoots creep over the surface of the water. Part of the plant is above water. At the ends of shoots appears plenty of bordeaux flowers. The plant blooms abundantly long.