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Bonsai Trees Guide

If you received the tree with leaves, please trim leaves, then plant the tree, water it systematically and protect it from sun.

This guide can be applied to the following plants:

  • Carpinus betulus
  • Salix  - all species
  • Ficus - all species
  • Crassula- all species
  • Hedera - all species
  • Pre bonsai trees - all species

Cuttings without roots

All of the plants mentioned above root very easily.

You should deal with cuttings as soon as you receive them. Put them into a glass filled with water or directly into a pot. For best results, cuttings should be put in a small pot until well rooted.

The soil mix should contain 50% sharp sand (builder's sand). Rich soil mixes are not necessary and sometimes cause the cuttings to rot. Good drainage is essential. When growth starts, a light application of organic fertiliser is recommended.

Cuttings with roots

Start by taking out the plant from the pot and removing the mineral wool.

Next, plant the cutting into a bonsai pot. First dig a hole, then put the plant in the ground, and firm the soil around it. Finally, water it thoroughly. It must not be allowed to dry out, particularly the first year.

Pre Bonsai tree

Pre bonsai trees are sold with bare roots.

At our place plants go through winter resting state and now they are ready to be planted in a bonsai pot.

We sell plants at the age of 1 - 3. Age of pre bonsai trees may be different   and  depends on the species.

In the winter seedlings of deciduous and some coniferous trees have no leaves. We just ship such young trees without leaves between October and April.

Pre bonsai trees that have already passed a period of rest can be now  planted in the pot and immediately begin to grow.

The Bonsai pot should be placed at a moderate temperature of 15 - 20 °C

In the first month we should  only remember two things:

Bonsai tree should not be placed in the direct sunlight;

The soil should be moist constantly.The window sill located on the north side of the house is the best place. After about 1 - 2 months, when young trees are well rooted and develop the first new leaves, we  can  set them in a more sunny location.

Pre bonsai tree should be prepared in the following way:

  1. Remove the plant from its packaging.
  2. Plant the pre bonsai tree in a pot filled with the substratum intended for bonsai. You could also use a soil with peat and coarse sand mixed in the proportion of 3:1.
  3. Place the bonsai pot in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.
  4. Take care of keeping substrate constantly wet.
  5.  You can move the plant into a more sunny place after a month.


From October to April  there is a cool season in our country (winter). At this time, the plants are at rest. During winter all deciduous plants have no foliage. Also, some conifers (e.g. larch, metasequoia, taxodium) do not have needles.

While these plants are planted in a pot and put in a warm place they  immediately begin to grow. After 5 - 8 weeks fresh leaves  appear on the seedlings and also new fresh roots grow out.

All the time please take care to maintain the substrate moist and the plant should not be placed  in direct sunlight..

During the winter we send plants without leaves.


Since May to the end of September we send plants with foliage but before shipment we trim leaves. It is necessary to trim the leaves to reach mighty  seedlings which  quickly adopt and soon healthy green foliage will be appeared.