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Salix alba " Tristis - Golden Willow 3 x cuttings

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Golden Willow ( Salix alba " Tristis ") is a very suitable plant for outdoor bonsai.

Salix alba 'Tristis' is commonly sold as Golden weeping willow in recognition of its bright golden yellow twigs and weeping form. It is one of the best of the weeping willows and typically grows 50-75 feet tall with an open, rounded crown and pendulous branchlets that gracefully dip down. Year old twigs are yellow in autumn and pendulous. The long, narrow, finely-toothed leaves (to 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide) are bright chartreuse to yellow-green and  are white beneath. This willow is the perfect choice for moist areas in your landscape and a superb specimen of grace and elegance. It is fast growing, so give it plenty of room. It is fully hardy throughout the upper US, southern Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

You will get 3 cuttings without roots  hight 10-25 cm.
You get instructions to help you start.

You will get 3 cuttings without roots

From October to April there is a cool season in our country (winter). At this time, the plants are at rest. During winter all deciduous plants have no foliage. Also, some conifers (e.g. larch, metasequoia, taxodium) do not have needles. While these plants are planted in a pot and put in a warm place they immediately begin to grow. After 5 - 8 weeks fresh leaves appear on the seedlings and also new fresh roots grow out. All the time please take care to maintain the substrate moist and the plant should not be placed in direct sunlight
During the winter we send plants without leaves

Since May to the end of September we send plants with foliage but before shipment we trim leaves. It is necessary to trim the leaves to reach mighty seedlings which quickly adopt and soon healthy green foliage will be appeared.
During the summer before shipment we trim leaves